GRIN currently is working beyond capacity and has faced limitations in physical space, staffing and volunteers, and financial resources. Answering the call for a community- based organization focused on serving local residents, the GRIN Board has taken a direct step to expand its capacity to serve by uniting purposes and resources.

     The unification of these groups will bring together Stonybrook United Methodist Church’s clothing pantry, GRIN’s food pantry and financial assistance program housed at Mifflin Presbyterian Church and the Bridge's Summer Lunch Club. The combined organization also will incorporate a referral program to other Gahanna resources, such as furniture, financial planning and special needs support, and a benefits bank assistance program at the new site. 


GRIN is using the following criteria in its search for a new location:  

  • 5000-7000 sq ft.

  • handicapped accessibility

  • min. approx 20 parking spots

  • access for trucks to deliver goods (loading dock a plus, but not essential)

  • PRIVACY -  secluded / out of view from traffic - to maintain the privacy of our clients

  • open layout is a plus


     A new facility will provide GRIN with the ability to purchase food at bulk prices and to serve fresh foods to families with the access to refrigeration. The clothing pantry will have adequate space for storing clothing donations and offer a hub for social service direction.  GRIN hopes to pool resources to create greater efficiencies and increase our potential to serve more families and broaden the services offered.

     The centralization of services will allow all GRIN-affiliated organizations to operate at a higher level than any single entity could attain independently. The concentration of volunteers will provide increased support, a single point of contact for the residents, and will allow for consistent hours of access for all services offered. 

     In the fall of 2013 a new Board was created to plan and oversee the expansion of GRIN.  Board members include:  Steve Benninger, Sherry Bickel, John Bickley, Sharon Blunt, Jill Schuler, Jeanne Stonerock, Jim Strong, Tricia Twigg.  Steve Benninger is the GMA representative.  All personnel that have worked with GRIN, Free clothing store, and Summer Lunch Club continue to operate those services as in the past.  Brenda Johnston is now the Executive Director of GRIN.


     Recent heightened awareness of GRIN has allowed the Food Pantry to increase the size of the food boxes from a 3-day supply to a 5-day supply, providing more food security for families in need.  There has also been an increase in clients served during these first months of 2014.