Utility / Rent Assistance

Please call for an appointment at (614) 214-4747


  1. Gahanna-Jefferson School District resident

  2. $200 maximum/12 month period/household

  3. Assistance provided only 3 consecutive years, then a sit out period of a year

  4. Two forms of ID are required (photo ID, bill showing PAST DUE, disconnect or eviction notice)

  5. Bill must have the name of the individual appearing for the interview (no exceptions)

  6. GRIN will only help with: water, gas, electric, rent to a complex/company (no private landlords), (contingent upon speaking with the company).

  7. GRIN does not pay LATE FEES and ONLY the past due portion.



1st Monday of the month, 9-11 AM

2nd Tuesday of the month, 6-8 PM

3rd Friday of the month, 11-1 PM

4th Tuesday of the month, 6-8 PM

4th Saturday of the month, 9-1 PM

Please note that GRIN's goal is to help clients at a "time of need".  Our hope is that, through our educational program/process, clients will be financially empowered.  

***(GRIN reserves the right to refuse services, even if criteria is met.)