GRIN is a community wide, faith based organization committed to helping the residents of the Gahanna-Jefferson school district in a time of need.  

Helping Gahanna residents is our commitment.  GRIN believes a helping hand can be the key to turning around an unfortunate situation.

Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.   Proverbs 14:31
Thank you Gahanna Hardware for donating $488 from raffle sales of the two baskets.  Winners were: Mandy McNutt and Nick Timothy!
Thank you Chick-Fil-A for another donation of 92 more chicken nuggets, chips and cookies!
Thank you City offices of Gahanna for the 1,083 jars of peanut butter donated!
Thank you Family Video for the five hams, five turkeys and dinner supplies, as well as $272! 
Thank you Interim Healthcare for your generous donation of $5,000.
Thank you Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools for your generous donation of $10,000.

Thank you Gahanna schools for your wonderful food and clothing drives!  You are one of the reasons GRIN can meet the needs of others.